Just as athletes train for competition, our consultants will help you prepare for your job interview.

The simulation of the real job interview is based on the vacancy description. During the simulation, Fontes consultants will analyse your performance, identifying which competences, skills or previous experience should be highlighted in the job interview for a specific vacancy and which would be inappropriate to talk about.

We will discuss the most common job interview questions and questions to ask the employer, as well as help you prepare for the conversation about your desired salary and other issues related to working conditions (whether you are entitled to a work phone, computer, what your fuel limit will be, how often you are allowed to work remotely).

During the consultation, you will learn about the employer’s reputation, company culture and financial transparency

The interview simulation is conducted online, offering the possibility to discuss the results with a consultant in person or remotely.

Duration: 1 hour/ 500 EUR

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Standarta (bez pvn)

  • Līdz 250 darbiniekiem - 1200 euro
  • 251 - 2000 darbinieki - 1800 euro
  • Virs 2000 darbiniekiem - 2300 euro