Build a great CV

Only 2% of all CVs received for any vacancy are taken forward for further consideration. Does your CV fully reflect your competences, abilities and experience to secure a place as a finalist?

With 25 years of experience in career development and recruitment projects, we have the professional skills and vision to assess your CV and advise you on how to improve it.

Get into the top 2% of candidates by building a compelling CV with the support of the Fontes professional team.

During the consultation you will receive:

  • help with preparing CVs and application documents for selection competitions
  • suggestions on how to reflect your experience and skills effectively
  • understand the nuances of tailoring your CV to the vacancy
  • advice on which platforms to put your CV on to get in front of the most desirable employers
  • Your CV will look easy to read to any employer and to the specific employer you want to work for

CV creation is online, offering the possibility to discuss the results with a consultant in person or remotely.

Create a great LinkedIn profile

Recruiters and headhunters use Linkedin as a digital CV database and joke that “if you’re not on Linkedin as a professional, you don’t exist”.

It’s a great news channel, networking platform, personal branding and an opportunity to share your own content. Good content (both in the context of a CV and the content of the posts you share) shows the writer’s experience, ability to create and share it, highlighting the relevance of their competences to the demands of the 21st century.

Fontes consultants will help you analyse and prepare your LinkedIn profile in line with today’s trends and requirements.

During the consultation, you:

  • find out what keywords recruiters and potential employers search for professionals (search engine tricks)
  • get a perfectly designed, clear and easy to understand LinkedIn profile
  • learn how to increase the impact of your CV and your ability to get beyond the first filter
  • increase the visibility of your skills and experience by using precisely selected keywords
  • You’ll find out how recruitment companies and employers search for information about you

Creating a Linkedin profile is done online, offering the possibility to discuss the results with a consultant in person or remotely.

Create a great CV and LinkedIn profile:

Duration: up to 2 hours/ 500 EUR

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Standarta (bez pvn)

  • Līdz 250 darbiniekiem - 1200 euro
  • 251 - 2000 darbinieki - 1800 euro
  • Virs 2000 darbiniekiem - 2300 euro