HR consultancy

Fontes provides professional insights into labour market trends, data and experience to help you achieve your HR goals.

Labour market trends and forecasts

Economic growth, demographics, technological processes, the political situation and other external factors are constantly influencing the development of the labour market. We make sure you are well informed about the current labour market situation and upcoming changes. By keeping up to date with the latest trends and forecasts in total remuneration, you’ll be one step ahead of the curve. Sign up for the quarterly newsletter.

Management training

Market expert training will help you make decisions with more confidence, experience and knowledge. More than 20 years of experience in HR consultancy allows us to share our experience with those who want to learn more about effective performance management, total rewards, employee assessment, KPIs and targets, competency and skills management practices and much more. Book a session to get a tailor-made training programme that best suits your needs.

Board and management presentations

General presentations are often not enough to make well-informed decisions. Discover the latest trends and assess your labour market competitiveness with concise and targeted information on your organisation’s remuneration and performance management practices, as well as in-depth comparisons with industry peers.


Entering a new market, workforce planning or relocation can be much easier if the organisation is familiar with the labour market environment and practices. Get the data and expertise you need to help you make informed decisions about the right components of expat remuneration and company supply.

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Standarta (bez pvn)

  • Līdz 250 darbiniekiem - 1200 euro
  • 251 - 2000 darbinieki - 1800 euro
  • Virs 2000 darbiniekiem - 2300 euro