A career without goals is an occupation without potential. Get professional support from a coach who will help you achieve your goals more efficiently and faster.

Coaching is a development-oriented conversation in which the coach supports and inspires the participant to achieve a personal or professional goal. A coach will not give advice or “teach you how to live”, but will help you to organise your thoughts and create an action plan.

Situations where coaching can help you get results efficiently and successfully:

  • You are considering changing jobs 
  • You’re in a new role and can’t figure out where to start, how to work better with your team
  • you want to understand how not to get too bogged down in operational matters when helping subordinates
  • looking for ways to get on with your manager 

You will get:

  • the opportunity to set goals that really make sense
  • more commitment and motivation to work towards your goals
  • a clear action plan to achieve your objectives in the best possible way

The coaching session is online, offering the possibility to discuss the results with the consultant in person or remotely.

Duration of one conversation: 45 min – 1h, number of sessions is individual according to the goal. On average 3 – 6 sessions are required, homework between sessions can be arranged. 

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Standarta (bez pvn)

  • Līdz 250 darbiniekiem - 1200 euro
  • 251 - 2000 darbinieki - 1800 euro
  • Virs 2000 darbiniekiem - 2300 euro