The Leadership Potential Assessment helps to identify which leadership style an individual is more likely to demonstrate at work. It provides illustrative examples of where the employee feels more comfortable and where challenges arise. The assessment will help to shape the conversation and discussion with the individual about their current role and opportunities for future growth

Leadership assessment helps:

  • building a foundation for effective leadership in teams
  • accurately identify individuals with high leadership potential
  • reduce costs by understanding leadership potential in detail and developing it in a targeted way
  • improve the effectiveness of succession planning by uncovering hidden leadership talents
  • designing effective leadership development programmes, promoting leadership awareness in the organisation
  • Analysing and interpreting.
  • Adapting and coping.
  • Support and cooperation.
  • Organisation and execution.
  • Creating a vision.
  • Communication of objectives.
  • Getting support.
  • Successful delivery.
  • Creating and conceptualising.
  • Interaction and presentation.
  • Leadership and decision-making.
  • Entrepreneurship and performance.

Focus on transactional governance


Transformational Control Focus

Analysis and interpretation

Creating a vision

Creating and conceptualising

Adapting and coping

Communication of objectives

Interaction and presentation

Support and cooperation

Getting support

Leadership and decision-making

Organisation and execution

Successful performance delivery

Entrepreneurship and performance

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Standarta (bez pvn)

  • Līdz 250 darbiniekiem - 1200 euro
  • 251 - 2000 darbinieki - 1800 euro
  • Virs 2000 darbiniekiem - 2300 euro