SHL Talent Measurement Solutions group is one of the world’s leaders in in the sphere of management assesment and development, with more than 50 years of successful working experience. SHL offers innovative methods with the help of which organizations have the possibility to increase their volume of productivity and competitiveness by securing an opportunity to plan an use human resources more effectively. SHL is a partner of CEB – one of the leading consulting companies.

SHL offers the most extensive range of methods – more than 1000 solutions with the help of which it is possible to evaluate capacity, behavior and work performance, as well as predict the possible behavior of the employee and its potencial in every business sector. SHL offers solutions in more than 150 countries worldwide. More than 50% of Global Fortune 500 enterprises and 80% of Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE) world’s most influential companies are among SHL clients.

Since 2000, Fontes in Latvia is a partner of CEB, offering our clients professional and on a regional basis adjusted methods for evaluation and development.


Since 2013, Fontes in the Baltic’s has started cooperation with MercerMercer is a global leader in compensation surveys, Human Resource Management consulting (talent, life insurance, retirement and investments) and related services and is represented in  more than 120 countries.

The cooperation will allow both companies to meet clients needs at even higher level by providing the highest quality service. All together this cooperation will allow both organizations to be the partners providing the best support in the decision making both locally and globally.