What are performance management solutions?

Performance management is a way to balance organization’s strategic goals with daily job tasks of each employee. Implementation of performance management organizes internal job processes according to key business goals and requires employees to focus on the most important tasks of the organization.

The aim of the performance management

The implementation of performance management system in your organization improves processes and organizes work environment. That provides employees with clear instructions on job tasks, provides determination of organization’s work and significantly improves efficiency of work.

Other Fontes solutions for organizations’ efficiency:

  • Setting goals and cascading them to the individual level of employees
  • Definition of human resource strategy
  • Audits of processes, functions and responsibilities
  • Management audits of competencies and processes
  • Operation planning and organization management development
  • Setting and implementation of organization values
  • Analysis and design of processes, analysis of jobs and responsibilities
  • Definition and adaptation of competencies, development of employee evaluation system
  • Development of compensation and motivation system
  • Development and improvement of performance management system
  • Employee satisfaction/motivation surveys
  • Development of change management plan and support for implementation

Depending on the needs of organizations, Fontes carries out evaluation and development in various fields to improve effectiveness of organizations.

Performance management system helps to provide clear, understandable and common link between the processes and employees. It helps to determine whether the organization works with appropriate employees, do they hold the right positions and manage appropriate processes.