The reduction of the number of employees is a complicated and sensitive process both for the employee and the employer. For the reasons mentioned above, Outplacement is chosen by organizations that want a peaceful settlement of the professional relationship, and are ready to give the participants their full support during the upcoming changes.

 In these cases, a support of a professional and qualified consultant, who helps the organization and its employees to prepare for the process of reducing the number of employees, is very useful.

Outplacement program consists of 1 + 3-4 face-to-face meetings with the consultant during the job seeking period


1) Introduction to develop a program according to participant needs and interests

2) 3-4 meetings with the consultant (1-1,5 h each) from the following list:

  • CV, application letter,
  • Social media appearance, LinkedIn profile
  • Job vacancy source review and tactics
  • Job interview practice
  • Confident self-presentation
  • Career choices
  • Personality analyses (strong sides and development needs – based on OPQ questionnaire)
  • Analysis of current life situation and search for best alternative
  • Adaptation period in new workplace
  • Other topic based on participant interests

3) Management level positions have 2 additional meetings:

  • Leadership profile – strengths and development area analysis
  • Leadership development action plan

Benefits for the employee

  • Psychological support to help dealing with the negative emotions
  • Consulting with the purpose to find own place in the job market
  • Provision of practical skills and knowledge when searching for a job
  • Guidelines for adaptation to the new circumstances

Benefits for the organization

  • The reduction of the number of legal conflicts (solving salary related questions for the dismissed employees)
  • Increasing motivation and productivity of the remaining employees
  • A better chance that the employee will be willing to return to the organization