Fontes provides solutions on organizations’ efficiency and business analysis – audits of processes, functions and responsibilities; management audits of competencies and processes; and develops recommendations for optimization and business improvement.

Audits of processes, functions and responsibilities

    • Evaluation of current functions and processes, including the necessary resources
    • Recommendations for function /process /responsibility optimization:

1. Function liquidation, merging, reallocation etc.
2. Development of new processes
3. Preparation of new job descriptions

  • Function /process /responsibility comparison with data of other organizations (benchmarking)
  • Recommendations for improvement of organizational structure
  • Calculations of the financial benefits of the optimization

 Management audit

This solution includes assessment of management processes and competencies. As a result of management audit recommendations for improvement of organization management and management competencies will be prepared.

  • Planning and management
  • Decision making
  • Delegation
  • Communication and cooperation
  • Information exchange
  • Management levels