Coaching develops skills that helps to find the most suitable solutions for particular situation.

Coaching is performed as series of sessions led by a coach – specialist, who guides the client to independent decision making, helps to look for the most suitable strategies for reaching the goal, and unbinds the wish to act.

 The added value of the coach is an objective independent view, which helps the client to see his abilities and areas for potential development.

By asking both direct and suggestive questions, the coach directs the clients attention towards prejudices and stubborn views, which are an obstacle for personal development and goal achievement.

To achieve the desired result, 6-10 coaching sessions are usually required.

Your benefits

  • Directs the manager attention towards actions and goals important for the company
  • Improves the manager’s understanding of values and strategic goals of the company and his role in achieving these goals
  • Helps the manager to take responsibility for his actions and concentrate on achieving results
  • Helps the manager to adapt to organization’s internal changes and external environment factors
  • Improves motivation, productivity and quality of work
  • Encourages to take an initiative and develops a creative approach
  • Helps the manager to strengthen and use gained knowledge during training in everyday work