We provide expertise and insights that help to make a decision! 

Our values

  • Empathy – because we care about people and how they feel.
  • Added value – because we believe that by making our clients happier and more satisfied with life, we can also contribute, if only just a little bit, to the happiness of their families and of society as a whole. We are also giving society the best we have to offer by finding the right person for the right position.
  • Reliability – because we are a team. We work to find real solutions, not just to cross a task off our “to-do” list..
  • Courage – because we often take on jobs that nobody else is ready to do. We achieve the seemingly impossible.
  • The power of support – because we can rely on each other – anytime, anywhere.
  • Our DNA: Empathy makes us strong, added value gives our work meaning.

More about the company

Fontes is the first company in the Baltic States that started to offer Executive Search and Human Resource Management consulting in 1991, Tartu, Estonia. In 1996, Fontes started to offer Executive Search and Human Resource Management consulting in Latvia. In year 2000 Fontes has been established in Lithuania. The same year Fontes started to cooperate with the biggest Management Assesment company worldwide – SHL, and now represents it in Latvia and Estonia.

Fontes is formed of two business lines:

  • SIA Fontes Executive Search offers Executive Search, evaluation and couching services, as well as provides support in employment termination.
  • SIA Fontes Vadības konsultācijas supports organizations in developing and implementing compensation systems, performance process, function and duty audits and compensation surveys. Represents compensation surveys under the brand Baltic Salary Survey in Lithuania.

Starting from year 2013, Fontes has commenced cooperation with the leading global Human Resource Management consulting company – Mercer, which is represented in more than 130 countries worldwide.