The reduction of the number of employees is a complicated and sensitive process both for the employee and the employer. For the reasons mentioned above, Outplacement is chosen by organizations that want a peaceful settlement of the professional relationship, and are ready to give the employee their full support during the upcoming changes.

 In these cases, a support of a professional and qualified consultant, who helps the organization and its employees to prepare for the process of reducing the number of employees, is very useful.

During the process, the employees receive practical help in finding a new position

1. Evaluation
2. Consideration of alternative options
3. Preparation
4. Examination of opportunities
5. Training

Benefits for the employee

  • Psychological support to help dealing with the negative emotions
  • Consulting with the purpose to find own place in the job market
  • Help in finding an alternative job
  • Provision of practical skills and knowledge when searching for a job
  • Guidelines for adaptation to the new circumstances

Benefits for the organization

  • The reduction of the number of legal conflicts (solving salary related questions for the dismissed employees)
  • Increasing motivation and productivity of the remaining employees
  • A better chance that the employee will be willing to return to the organization